Who are Lansdown Pottery?

John West


To break up a long journey we stopped off at Coventry Cathedral.  What stood out among the many beautiful images was the Baptismal Font, created from a large boulder brought from Bethlehem and inscribed with the emblem of a large scallop shell, to hold the water.

The impression of this boulder became an image, a metaphor, of the way in which I regard my work.  In its simplicity can be found the beauty of function and the realisation that beauty also is a function in the way that it enhances our lives.

"I feel that my work is the synthesis of many influences; Oriental European and African. I find I can be as enthusiastic about a piece of medieval English slipware as I do a piece of modern salt glaze.  What is important is the way in which the making, decoration and firing combine in order to create a harmonious whole."

I work in stoneware,firing my work in a gas kiln and my work is almost entirely functional with an emphasis towards being used in the home and garden.

Penny West

page12_2.gifThe first thing Penny did when walking in to visit John in his pottery was to pick up a pot to admire it, not realising that it was a delicate piece of unfired work. To her great embarrassment it disintegrated into hundreds of pieces on the floor. She has long since been forgiven and has transferred her many years of experience of teaching and training in crafts, working particularly with adolescents with learning difficulties to the pottery, where as well as making her own work, much of her time is spent teaching the varied groups of people who spend their afternoons in the pottery.


Penny is also a BACP accreditted councillor

Lansdown Pottery. The Studio, Hill Farm, Main Road, Whiteshill, Stroud, Gloucestershire. GL6 6JS. Tel: 01453/298567
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