Public Classes

“I believe that each one of us is born with creative power – with the attributes of the artist and the craftsman.  I believe that the arts must be at the very centre, the core of our lives.  I believe that if the proper dignity of every human being were respected and his or her native gifts were well nourished and cherished we should then reach our full stature and come into our rightful heritage – and help other to theirs.  I am certain that our brief sojourn on this amazing planet was meant to be purposeful, active, engrossing, satisfying, fulfilling, and happy”

Robin Tanner:  1904-1988 
Artist, Etcher, Printmaker.  Teacher and Schools Inspector.


Lansdown Pottery (Centre for Science & Art)

Public classes  take place at our teaching studio at the Centre for Science & Art in Lansdown, Stroud. Access is through the Locking Hill Entrance.  Parking close to the pottery is very restricted and we suggest you use local car parks..



The pottery consists of these main areas: 

There are 7 electric wheels, in a designated room for throwing and a separate space for handbuilding, with plenty of tools and equipment.

The Glaze Room has a wide variety of our own glazes already made up for general use. We also carry a large amount of raw materials and encourage everyone to try and develop slips and glazes of their own.

Finished work is fired to 12800 centigrade in our gas kiln

Additionally, there is  a resource library.


Public Classes

The sessions for the public take place on Monday evening*  6.30 - 9.00 Tuesday  and Wednesday morning, (10.00 - 12.30) and also Tuesday evening  (6.30 - 9.00)

We do not run courses in the normal sense, but have sessions that are open to all abilities, whether a beginner, an improver or someone with a lot of pottery experience.  So, we see our task as providing an environment that enables someone to improve and reach their potential.

Periodically, we hold full day sessions about a specific area of pottery.

Sessions are £12.50 paid termly with an additional contribution towards materials and firing costs of £4.00 per fired kilo.

 On three afternoons a week we offer classes for people with learning difficulties in small groups where they can work on an individual basis.

The Studio. Hill Farm, Main Road, Whiteshill, Stroud, Gloucestershire. GL6 6JS.  Tel: 01453/298567  
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