What we make


Thirty spokes are united around the hub of a wheel,
but the usefulness of the wheel
depends on the space where nothing exists.
Clay is moulded into a vessel,
but the usefulness of the vessel
depends on the space where nothing exists.
Doors and windows are cut out of the walls of a house,
and the usefulness of the house
depends on the space where nothing exists.

Therefore take advantage of what exists,
and use what does not exist.


54.jpgThere is a small group of potters (John, Penny and Dawn) working at Lansdown Pottery, developing their own work, each with their own quite individual styles and approaches. Their day is divided between production and teaching. 

We use the finest clays, fired to stoneware temperature in a gas kiln.  We also make and develop our own glazes.  Our pottery is ovenproof, dishwasher proof and can be used in a microwave

Together we also produce Lansdown pots to order. Here are some examples of the work produced at the pottery





Ocean Blue

51.jpgThis beautiful glaze contains all the colours you would expect to find in the sea. It is our most popular range of tableware









Available for dinnersets and other items for the kitchen, Glazed in a Korean celedon with a gentle transparent jade quality. Each piece is hand painted in a Japanese style with slips







Burnt Sienna

301 Burnt Sienna Set.gifInspired by the wood fired pottery of France. The insides of the bowls, cups and plates is lined with quiet celedon with the 'Burnt Sienna' texture on the rims and outside of each piece






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